October has been a whirlwind!

As a preliminary matter, let me give a big SHOUT OUT to Choose Life Marketing for building new websites for RoyceHood.com and for LawLife.org.  What do you think?  

October has been an absolute whirlwind but my little speaking tour kicked off in September.   I’ve been traveling weekly since taking on the Incorruptible Movie project.  But apart from that, Respect Life Month is always busy in the pro-life movement.

Backing up slightly, my Fall Speaking Tour essentially kicked off right in my home town when Elise and I were asked to speak at St. Jude Catholic School in Peoria on behalf of the Fire Foundation of Illinois.  This was all about providing the resources in catholic schools so that children with special needs can be accommodated.  Next up, I drove down to Nashville in late September to moderate a pro-life legal panel at the Samaritan Summit.   This was a fun and quick event.  I brought along my oldest son Gabriel and my fifth child, Royce Aaron.   Whenever possible I try to bring at least one or two kiddos with me on my trips to expose them to my work and to spend some time with them (plus it helps Elise back at home).

Most importantly October is when my family celebrates the birth of Francis Clement.  Francis Clement was just 17 weeks along when for no apparent reason his little heart stopped beating.  He was stillborn on October 14, 2021 (just 5 months after we buried his brother Fulton Joseph).  It’s fitting Francis left us during Respect Life Month, when we strive to remember the unborn.  I’ll never forget gazing upon his perfect little body as I held him in my hand.  We was so tiny.  But so perfect and so handsome.  God has a plan and although we do not understand these loses we trust Him!

Back to the travel:

October launched a frenzy of travel.  I was blessed to film during VOWS for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles in Gower, MO.  From there I jumped on a plane for Dallas to moderate two panels at the annual Sidewalk Advocacy Conference.  In between panels I was interviewed for an upcoming short documentary about Nellie Gray!   Can’t wait for that to come out and I was so honored to be part of it.

This week I am off to Naples, Florida!   I’ll squeeze in a quick visit with family and then I’ll be hanging out with Father Michael Orsi (co-host of Truth Culture Life) and my friends from Action for Life for their big event featuring Jim Caviezel.

Additional Updates: Film, Music and More:

Recently I helped to form the Catholic Film Foundation, Inc, as an organization dedicated to promoting, funding and sharing high quality film. I am so pleased to announce we have officially been recognized as a 501c3 public charity!   CFF will be the primary funding vehicle for Incorruptible Movie!   CFF will also be hosting an inaugural event in Peoria this December by promoting the upcoming Cabrini film.  More details soon!

I am also writing more music and working as much as possible in the studio.  One song is about the March for Life, called Age of Heroes.    Another track, which is almost complete is called Keep on Sing’n and it’s about using our talents for good.  Can’t wait to share this music soon!

Also I enjoyed a guest appearance on the Bear Woznick Adventure Radio Show which aired on EWTN Radio!   Season Two for my show, Truth Culture Life will be announced soon!

All of these initiatives fall within 2 categories Life and Faith.  That is, Vitae Fides!   Life and Faith Initiatives.  More on that soon!

Last for now, Incorruptible is in production!  So much to do.  We have launched a LIFEFunder campaign to help raise the budget needed for production.  You can check it out here. 

Remembering Francis, Speaking, Film, Music and More