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Music (2009)

Inner Will (2009)

Lady Clothed with the Sun (2010) – Secret Track on Faith, Hope, Love (live improvised recording)

Whom Shall We Fear (2016) Scratch Track

What Could Be (2009)

Jupiter Dream’n (2016) Scratch Track

Always (2011)

Guardian Angel (2010) Faith, Hope, Love

Tears with bonus track “Lady Clothed with the Sun” (2010) Faith, Hope, Love

Eternal Dreams (2010) Faith, Hope, Love

Jupiter Morning (2010) Faith, Hope, Love

Creation – Live & improvised (2012).   This was recorded spontaneously around 2012 in Naples, Florida.   The song has never been played again.   Sound effects include using a pencil on a china glass to create the tap-percussion.   The back of an old guitar was used for the beat.

Lovebird (2010) Faith, Hope, Love

Way She Prays (2010) Faith, Hope, Love


Springtime (Vid)

Sorry (Faith, Hope, Love)


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