MariaNews.com was originally launched in early 2010.  By mid-2012 the site grew to over 1000 articles and enjoyed traffic from nearly 20,000 visitors per month.

Distracted by a new legal career, a new family and other important catholic and pro-life initiatives,  founder Royce Hood (that’s me – I am attempting to write in third person which is a little freaky) – stopped updating the old site.

The old site had some serious design flaws and needed to be revamped.   In addition, because MariaNews is a not for profit website, the cost to maintain a distinct hosting account no longer made sense.  So, MariaNews.com has been linked to RoyceHood.com as a sub url.  This will consolidate expenses while enabling the site to be launched from scratch.

Bottom line: As of December, 2014 Maria News is finally being relaunched with an improved designed.  Maria News is dedicated to the promotion of truth, culture and life.

Hope you enjoy!