A new beginning

Maria News was launched in early 2010 during my first year at Ave Maria School of Law.   The site grew through mid 2012 to over 1000 articles and over 20,000 visitors per month.  In late 2012, I passed the Illinois Bar Exam, begin a full time job at Immaculata Law Firm in Chicago and I was married to my law school sweetheart, Elise.  Maria News was no longer my priority.   The Site in late 2012 had been hacked and attached.  The Site needed to be rebuilt and redesigned.

Nearly 2 years here I am; rebuilding a platform for Maria News from scratch.   On the cusp of 2015, I am busier than ever.  My wife and I are soon expecting our second child.  I am gearing up for the 2015 Law of Life Summits, the Florida Bar Exam in February, the release of a book with Deacon Antonio Sandoval, the release of the short-movie called Sing a Little Louder and so on.  Not to mention I have a full time job at Immaculata Law Firm where I serve as associate bond counsel.   So undertaking the relaunch of Maria News is no small task, however I believe that over time, by posting regular content, that I will be able to build a nice hub of information for my readers.

Maria News is dedicated to the promotion of truth, culture and life from the Catholic perspective.

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