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Social Enterprises, Nonprofits and Foundations

Strategic Management and Legal Services

Social Enterprises, Nonprofits and Foundations

Royce Hood provides strategic management, personnel consulting, ip consulting and development consulting for social enterprises, nonprofits and foundations.   Royce works with some of the largest national nonprofits in Christian, Catholic and Pro-life ministries in the United States.

Motion Pictures

Royce provides film clearance, contract negotiation, and intellectual property transaction services.   Royce has assisted with the production, financing and distribution of multiple nationally released motion pictures.

Sing a Little Louder

Motion Pictures can entertain, education and inspire cultural change.   They can also be great tools for fundraising – generating longterm revenue streams from sales, licensing and derivative goods.

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Strategic Management Consulting.

Helping to identify institutional and internal goals and needs.  Strategic Management Consultants work with top level professionals to outline strategies and to implement steps to accomplish goals.  From management of personnel to development of marketing campaigns – Royce provides a unique blend of business, creative and legal experience.

Footprint Marketing

Royce has worked with a number of national organizations to create strategically located footprints in key geographic locations.   Examples include fundraising cruises to national conferences.  Footprint marketing results in building a sustainable presence in strategic geographic areas that grows over time.   The goal is branding, marketing and network development for entities and initiatives.

Legal Services

Licensed in Illinois and Florida.  Royce provides general legal services to social enterprises, nonprofit and foundations.  Royce has over a decade of experience in nonprofit and business management.