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IP Monitoring

$97 Per Month

IP Monitoring (monthly)

$97 Per month. Cancel anytime. Includes:

  • Weekly web search for infringing marks
  • Quick response for identifying infringements and issuing cease and desist
  • Infringement reports
  • Up to 1 hour attorney consultation per month ($250 value)
  • Protect up to 3 marks

Name of Project



How it works

  1. Sign up for your subscription through our paypal account
  2. Send in your IP Monitoring Form: IP Monitoring Form, 2017
  3. We’ll set up your weekly monitoring within 48 hours.  We’ll notify you of potentially infringing uses.
  4. If we identify an infringing use – attorney Royce Hood will send a cease and desist notification to the infringer or to the platform publishing the property (such as vimeo or youtube).
  5. You are provided up to 1 hour of consultation per month to discuss matters related to your IP Monitoring (a $250 value)