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Why: To protect your work.  Technically you own a copyright upon creating the original work.  However, federal copyright registration provides the owner with certain statutory benefits and protections, including statutory damages for infringements.  Basically owning the registered copyrights gives you an advantage if there is a dispute over the work.

Cost:  I provide copyright registration services for a flat fee of $199 per work being registered.  My flat fee includes the federal filing fee.  You’ll also receive a certificate of registration once the copyright has been accepted by the United States Copyright Office.

Next Step: Assuming you on all necessary rights to register the work, the next step is to purchase your copyright registration package below.   From there you’ll provide me with necessary information for filing out the federal filing.  I’ll need a copy of the work to be registered and may have a few additional follow up questions.


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Ready to start monetizing your music, film. photographs, or literature?   I have years of experience in the realm of licensing everything from film clearances clearing music by major artists to international publishing deals for indie authors.  I have saved my clients countless headaches by helping to negotiate solid terms upfront and to warn them when the terms of a contract might be against their interests.   Do you need assistance licensing creative works (as the licensee or as the licensor)?   If so, drop me a line and tell me a little about your project.

Deal Negotiation & Contracts

Don’t go it alone.  It’s more costly when my clients call me to renegotiate a deal they have already inked, only to discover they are not getting what they thought they would.  If you are about to enter into a deal related to your creative work (or if you are licensing creative work for a project) I can save you time and money.  The expense of hiring an attorney to help negotiate the terms and to interpret or draft the contract is usually much less than resolving a dispute or renegotiating terms down the road.

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