Introducing Footprint Marketing

Offered by Royce Hood Consulting.  FM has been created as a tool and service for social enterprises, nonprofits and foundations.

Footprint Marketing relates to the process of establishing sustainable campaigns in strategic geographic locations.  When implemented in conjunction with a comprehensive marketing campaign – FM seeks to establish strategic strongholds for expanding a brand overtime.

Footprint Diagrams


A newly launched Footprint Marketing Campaign (“FMC”) is known as a geographic play (or “Geo-Play”).  That is – we are testing the area based on a number of criteria including demographic studies, personal knowledge and client goals.

A successful FMC and Geo-Play merge to become a Geo-Cell.   A Geo-Cell can expand into knew regions in surrounding areas – thus expanding the brand.

A Successful FMC should accomplish three objectives: 1. Brand Building; 2. Network Building and 3. Establishing new streams for Revenue or Donations.

Case Study: Thomas More Society (“TMS”) (Chicago) launched an FMC in Naples, Florida during the spring of 2015.   The Campaign included a fundraiser cruise on the Gulf of Mexico.   Promotion for the cruise provided opportunities for TMS to advertise its brand in the geographic region of South West Florida.   Advance sales and sponsorships for the cruise allowed TMS to supplement the cost of the campaign.   Ticket sales and event donations provided a revenue stream.   Ticket sales also provided a new source of donor contacts and a new network of relationships.  TMS is currently in pre-planning for its second annual SW Florida event thereby expanding its footprint and creating a Geo-Cell for its charitable mission.

Does your Mission have value?

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