Faith, Hope, Love; the album was recorded at Royce’s home recording studio.  Many of the sounds are improvised.  For example, the drums on Eternal Dreams were performed using the back of an acoustic guitar for the bass drum and a legal pad with a pencil for the snare effect.    Royce originally planned on recording at a professional studio, but recording at home provided a less expensive and more convenient alternative.   Plus, home recording allowed Royce to get really creative without worrying about the clock.   (studios typically bill by the hour)

Laying down some drums using a Djembe for bass and using a highlighter against a slightly elevated legal pad for a snare like sound.

As the sound of the music evolved, Royce slowly began acquiring better equipment to enhance the quality. He purchased a Djembe to improve the quality of the drums as well as a microphone made specifically for drums and acoustic bass.

Faith, Hope, Love is an independent release by Royce Hood.  This Record will be distributed digitally via, and other digital music retail stores.  A limited edition physical album is also available via and